Moosic Mtn. Wild Presents

Harpers Ferry

By John Van Horn

Preliminary Panoramic experiment from Maryland Heights - Potomac River on the right and Shenandoah on the
left. The walk up the Heights is well worth the effort as can be seen from the photograph. I will be working on
this view and will have to make sure there is a train on the bridge in the final version.
I photographed Harpers Ferry during several visits thirty five years ago, I am amazed at how much the park has changed and grown
through the years. I intend to start an extensive portfolio of the town and park over the next several years and share it on this site
along with some of the pictures I took originally in black and white. Many of these first pictures are just concept photos to look
at composition and light. They will be replaced by hopefully better photos in the future.

There is the train I wanted in the picture.


The view from the Heights gives you a unique perspective.

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Lower Town
Lower Town Circa 1970
The Railroad Bridges
The View from Jefferson's Rock and the Railroad Bridges Circa 1970
The Railroad Station
Virginius Island
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