Moosic Mtn. Wild Co. presents

Pinhole Photographs

by John Van Horn


Creek at High Water - pinhole panoramic

High Water Pinhole Panoramic 6-03 from The Pinhole Creek Project


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Pinhole photography is photography in its most basic and some say most creative form. The normal camera lens is replaced by a small hole, usually about the size made by a pin, thus the name pinhole. The camera body can be any container that unexposed photo material can be mounted until exposed by light through the pinhole. A pinhole camera can be as simple as a cardboard box sealed to be light tight, withy a sheet of film on one side, a pinhole on the opposite side and a piece of black tape as a shutter to control the exposure. To date, most of the pinhole photos here were taken with a 35mm camera body with various pinholes in a homemade lens cap.

Panoramic Pinhole Photograph of Little Niagara


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Fort Jefferson

Pigeon Key

Gettysburg Devils Den


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