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The Opening of the Manasquan Inlet

Photographed by F. Slade Dale

Restored by John Van Horn

This series of photos taken by F. Slade Dale in 1931 shows the reopening of the Manasquan Inlet after the construction of the jetties. According to the video "Yesterday On Film", produced by The Point Pleasant Historical Society the official reopening took place prior to these photos on February 10, 1931, when during the project the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Manasquan River first met again. But from the video and these photos the permanent reopening to make the inlet navigable did not occur until the dredge pictured, working its way down the river, broke through to the ocean.
    Manasquan Inlet, Point Pleasant Beach and Manasquan, New Jersey    

Looking from Point Pleasant Beach to Manasquan



  Workers at Manasquan Inlet  
Dredge at Manasquan Inlet

Getting Close




Work Boat with Onlookers



Digging Manasquan Inlet

Getting Closer

  Atlantic Ocean meets Manasquan River, Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey



The Atlantic Ocean meets the Manasquan River



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